The world is facing a very difficult phase of infectious disease spreading like a wildfire right now. And all we can do to prevent it is to stay inside. Staying inside has indeed helped to some extent to slow down the disease but it has created a lot more problems too. One of them is, it has affected our mental health. 

With more than 2 million people infected and more than a hundred thousand people died from the disease in a span of a few months can definitely cause global panic. Also social distancing, lockdowns have accelerated anxiety among people. Lockdowns have increased the number of people who have a lot of free time enough to panic watching news all the time. There were some ER cases where people were coming to hospitals because they were scared about Covid-19. Days are passing and the lockdown is only extending. Health officials or frontline workers also are not being able to escape from this fear and anxiety. They are not only worried about their own health but also about their family members’. Family members of frontline workers are also impacted mentally. One of my friends’ mother cried before sending her to duty begging her not to go to work. I bet there is a story behind every worker, medical and non-medical, before sending them every day.

What can we do?

  1. First thing first, we need to minimize watching the news from before. Yes, we should be updated with what is happening around us but only up to a limit where we can stay calm.
  2.  If it wasn’t lockdown then we would have been rather busy with our work than have time to overthink and panic about the current situation. So what we can do is try to utilize time with some hobby or some physical work. You could indulge in cooking, cleaning, washing clothes, dishes, or any kind of activity feasible.
  3. Don’t stress yourself with the word “productive”. Yes, you need to keep doing something now and then in order to get occupied but it doesn’t mean you have to be productive. You can be productive if you can but it is not a compulsion. Don’t play the blame game with yourself if you can’t be productive enough. Calm down, it’s pandemic.
  4. If you are lucky enough to be with your family right now, then make the most of it. Spend as much time as possible and try to understand them. Once you return back to your hectic schedule, you never know when you will get such time again.
  5. Do workouts, dance routines, painting, writing, reading, or many more. But there is one thing we all need to do. Sit back for once and think about yourself. Give time to yourself. Think what were the things in life you took for granted. Think if you were you the whole time. Think if there was any time when you realized how important self-love was. Just give yourself some time to realize who you are.

We are amid a pandemic. Frontline health workers and all other essential workers are doing their best to help suppress chaos. We can’t be any more than thankful to them. But thank you too for staying at home and co-operating. We all shall overcome this soon.

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